project overview

Working with more than 20 designers on Dyson’s global digital transformation, my main responsability was to design a new self-service support area, including integration with connected home devices, chat and store location.

Deliverables: Prototypes in, user testing, Sketch wireframes, leased with clients and other designers. Specs and guidelines for engineering team. 


Dyson Support

Helping users make the most of their machines and provide assistance when they need it.  

Working with engineers from Dyson, I was tasked to look after the support section and come up with a solution that brought an internal diagnostic tools to a new self service troubleshooting area for Dyson’s new site. 


Finding your dyson  machine

There’s a huge number of products and variants in Dyson’s catalogue, and in order to give users assistance, guides, tips replacement parts and tools for their machine we needed to help them find their machines first. 


Transforming Dyson's diagnostic tool

Diagnostic tool.png

From call centre to users 

Part of the challenge was to find a way to translate this web tool used by the call centre to diagnose issues with Dyson Machines. I worked with Dyson engineers to identified different components within this internal diagnostic tool. I then re-shaped them into wireframes modules and screens that guided the design of this section. 




From designing ways of displaying steps that let users navigate back/forwards through long Troubleshooting steps, to designing modules that assist machine diagnostics through videos and how-to-steps. 

We created modules that translated Dyson's Diagnostics Tools into a self service tool that helps reduce calls to the centre. We implemented mechanisms to collect feedback to further improve this self service tool and connected users with tools and replacement parts when necessary. 


new global digital image

For Dyson, Support is an area where they can connect with their users. We offered content and assistance to help people make the most of their machines by giving them a more intelligent and personalised service. 

Linking connected devices to their digital experience, giving a more personalised support by promotion machine registration and by offering more than just replacement tools.

This work can be found in




chat tool 

In charge of developing Dyson’s chat tool using guidelines given by existing client’s provider Boldchat.

Helping users and agents to bring elements to their chats, such as guides, manuals and how-to-videos to improve communication and experience. Finding better mechanism to capturing chat performance and feedback and making the most of Chat Invitations for targeted users. 

Deliverables: Wireframes, prototype in, Boldchat technology analysis, liasion with developers and senior stakeholders.


find a store

Help people find their closest Dyson store or most relevant partner. 

As part of global brand strategy we increased awareness of Dyson Demo Stores as a place where people can try Dyson's products and receive a full in-store experience tailored to their needs. 

Deliverables: Web/mobile wireframes, prototype. 


Multiple Dyson stores

We identified 6 types of Dyson stores - all ranging from Fully branded Dyson stores where users can receive full assistance from Dyson engineers to partnerships with distributors and shopping centres.

The level of services varied in each type of store. Stock List stores and Dyson Expert Stores might look similar but the latter offered a trained Dyson assistant and it's more likely to have a much greater range of products. 


Find a store - journeys

I mapped the journeys users took, from helping them localise in the homepage to assisting them find their closest store depending on their needs.

In order to help promote Dyson Demo Stores, we gave them more prominence and made them appear in a few areas of the site for users that lived near one of them.

We introduced filters to help users narrow their searches by the type of product and service they offered. 


Some stores offered special events. These events were important for the business as they help them connect with potential customers who want to try and learn more about Dyson machines. 

It's an opportunity to expand on brand awareness, and show potential users all the support and customer care that comes when you buy a Dyson machine. 


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